Video Intelligence Cameras


Forward-Facing Camera

Experience what your driver sees on the road with the Video Intelligence forward-facing camera. The forward-facing camera can capture video evidence to potentially exonerate your fleet in the event of an accident, as well as identify driver coaching opportunities, helping fleets improve safety on the road for everyone.

Side View Camera

PeopleNet’s MirrorCam is a hood-mounted, OEM-style mirror with built-in camera that provides drivers with a 75-degree field of view of passing lanes and blind spots for drivers when connected to a PeopleNet display.

Video can also be viewed by a fleet’s back office, giving visibility into Onboard Event Recording® (OER)-triggered events and providing additional context in the event of an accident.


backup camera

Wireless Trailer Backup Camera

Backing up a 18-wheel tractor trailer in a crowded loading dock can be a challenge, even for the most veteran of drivers. The Video Intelligence backup camera is the industry’s first wireless trailer backup camera to automatically pair with tractors to stream live video in-cab and assist drivers when in reverse.

The camera also records rear-facing video when the Onboard Event Recorder® (OER) is triggered to potentially exonerate your driver in the event of a collision.

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