Understanding the ELD Mandate: Planning a Successful Implementation

With the publication of the ELD Mandate in December, all drivers that are required to maintain RODs—record of duty status—will need to implement and use an electronic logging device by 12/18/2017.

While December 2017 might seem like a ways off, it is crucial to develop a strategy around implementing ELDs today. Transitioning from manual to electronic logging systems means more than simply changing hardware and software—the change will affect most aspects of your company.

By planning a successful implementation, you can use the ELD Mandate as an opportunity to improve operational efficiencies, driver safety and your organization’s bottom line.

Check out this video featuring Elise Chianelli, PeopleNet’s Director of Safety & Compliance, to hear about a few key points to remember when planning your ELD implementation.

Interested in finding out more about the ELD Mandate? Be sure to check out our ELD Resource Page in the coming weeks to view additional videos on some of the biggest topics surrounding ELDs.

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