PeopleNet Fleet Manager

PeopleNet Fleet Manager.

Fleet control at your fingertips.

PeopleNet was the first in the industry to utilize the Internet for its carrier fleet management offering and remains the leading provider of Web-based solutions. The PeopleNet Fleet Manager provides you with secure online control of your communications and carrier fleet management functions, including:

  • Online mapping
  • Messaging
  • Reporting – Driver-based, vehicle-based, interactive dashboards
  • Online Billing Usage
  • Alarm Notifications
  • Security – Fleet settings and preferences, user management, group management

Integral to Fleet Manager is the ability to do comparative KPI reporting. You can view reports in real time and do historical trend analysis — and have the reports delivered to your e-mail right when you need them. You can also pinpoint the highest or lowest performing drivers or vehicles according to engine-related performance metrics such as speed, RPM, fuel efficiency and idle time – and by running the Vehicle Management Comparative Dashboard, you can drill down a view of a driver’s overall performance and view reports side-by-side for comparison.

Access to the PeopleNet Fleet Manager is included with the PeopleNet system at no charge and updates to the system are delivered frequently with no annual maintenance fees. Access can be provided to a single user, across your enterprise and/or to customers who want truck visibility.