Managed Network

The PeopleNet Managed Network.

Get unmatched coverage, bandwidth and cost effectiveness.

With dozens of wireless carrier relationships in place across multiple channels and access to the world’s large privately-owned constellation of commercial satellites through PeopleNet’s partnership with Iridium — you can now benefit from the power, speed and cost effectiveness of digital communications with the reliability and coverage of traditional analog communications.

With the PeopleNet Managed Network, fleets — even those operating in the most remote corners of the continent—can enjoy truly universal coverage and the advantages of dual-mode wireless-satellite communications, available on a dual-mode basis. PeopleNet’s system will communicate over the wireless network where it is available, but switch to mobile satellite services where it is not. The system will always choose the least-cost option, and the change will be seamless, automatic and imperceptible to the driver. Fleet managers are also able to select what kinds of data can or cannot be transmitted by satellite.