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Open, Integrated, always Connected.

No other system offers flexibility like PeopleNet.

From our web-based PeopleNet Fleet Manager to our Managed Network and modular configuration, nobody offers the freedom PeopleNet does. You’ll be freed from paper logs, automating your workflow, and will always know where your trucks are – and all using integration with your current systems. Learn more about why PeopleNet is your best choice in fleet management software, and contact us today.

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Managed Network

Get unmatched coverage, bandwidth and cost effectiveness.

With dozens of wireless carrier relationships in place across multiple channels—and access to the world’s large privately-owned constellation of commercial satellites through PeopleNet’s partnership with Iridium—you can now benefit from the power, speed and cost effectiveness of digital communications with the reliability and coverage of traditional analog communications.

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PeopleNet Managed Network Diagram

Data Center Cables

Data Center

The centralized hub for all wireless communications.

Centralized, streamlined and easily accessible, the PeopleNet Data Center is designed for customer convenience and productivity.

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Fleet Manager

Fleet control at your fingertips.

PeopleNet was the first in the industry to utilize the Internet for its carrier fleet management offering and remains the leading provider of Web-based solutions. The PeopleNet Fleet Manager provides you with secure online control of your communications and carrier fleet management functions.

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PeopleNet Fleet Manager Screen Shot

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From locating and messaging to driver performance assessment to managing safety, compliance and maintenance costs, our robust fleet management applications are designed to maximize your ROI.



When it comes to your fleet, why put any limits on efficiency, safety, compliance or customer service? Working with PeopleNet, you can be 58.4% safer and more compliant while saving $5000 per truck on average.



At PeopleNet, there’s no end to better performance—and our comprehensive fleet management services are designed to help ensure continuous improvement of your trucking fleet operations at every level.