Fleet Management Technology

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How it Works

The most important part of our business has the biggest impact on yours.

Multi-Network Tower

Managed Network

The Onboard Computer receives and stores GPS data and transmits location data and messages over the Managed Network to the Data Center.

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Data Center Cables

Data Center

Process data and pass information via the Internet or other secure connection to you, your back office and others across the supply chain.

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Fleet Manager Interface

Fleet Manager

Information is viewed via the PeopleNet Fleet Manager interface and/or through your back office software.

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The hardware that drivers actually touch is ruggedly made and intuitively designed.


Light Hardware:

Perfect for drivers on the move.

Telematics Handheld Device

Telematics & POD Capabilities

One certified, commercial-grade device to handle all your fleet and driver operations.

In-Cab Device - PeopleNet

Powerful Platform

A wide-open, powerful platform with Windows OS provides flexibility to configure your system.

Man using fleet technology device

Reliable Devices

Certified devices in a compact, durable design provided by quality-committed partners utilizing a single network provider with expansive, reliable coverage.
"The real test of a successful technology is that users can't do their job when it doesn't work. Our drivers and admin staff have come to rely on PeopleNet and don't want to look back."
- Clint Hall, IT Manager of CPX
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