Fleet Performance Monitoring

Know more - in real-time.

Efficiently monitor your operations, and affect the bottom line.

When it comes to Fleet Performance, our platform will tell you everything you need to know to properly manage and track your trucks through automated workflow, automatic vehicle location, crude oil workflow, trailer management, vehicle management and VUSION analytics.

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Vehicle Management

Gain Control of your driver and fleet performance.

Keeping a pulse on every aspect of your fleet can be very time consuming. Vehicle Management provides you with real-time driver and vehicle performance data to help you better manage operating costs and run your fleet more effectively. Keep track of your fleet’s performance, including: speed, RPM, idle time and fuel efficiency through real-time alarms or fully-customizable data downloads to meet your fleet’s specific needs.


Automated Workflow

Let your Drivers Drive.

Now you can automate communication across the supply chain – from pick-up to delivery. Automated carrier workflow solutions replace current, outdated processes for communicating key in-transit, arrival and departure events. Whether you need to know that a load’s on time or only when a driver’s going to be late, Automated Workflow’s automated messaging and exception management improves efficiencies, customer service, safety and revenue.

PeopleNet Automated Workflow Diagram

Custom Reporting

Create your own custom dashboards and reports.

With Custom Reporting, users can create their own custom dashboards and reports and access data with an online database connection (ODBC). This allows fleets to create solutions specific to their business needs, going beyond the standard PeopleNet Dashboard and Report offering. Users can incorporate advanced expressions and functions, external data or API calls within Custom Reporting to create unique and powerful visualizations of their fleet’s data. Custom Reporting also gives users the ability to blend PeopleNet data with other fleet data to create charts, graphs and analysis.


Automatic Vehicle Location

Accurately Locate Each Of Your Vehicles.

  • Track your valuable assets and predict delivery times
  • View trucks on a standard and/or satellite image-based map
  • Print truck mileage and route reports
  • Know time and location (start/stop) and determine vehicle speeds

Automatic Vehicle Location Report for Fleets


Trailer Management

Bring it out of the yard and into the office.

  • Operations can see the current location and status of all trailer assets, using a wide variety of predefined and user defined reports.
  • Reefer temperature can be managed remotely while alerts allow for immediate action that can save a load.
  • Hardware is simple and rugged, limiting maintenance costs while improving operational efficiency.

Tanker Truck Driving On Multi-Lane


Crude Oil Workflow

Streamline your paperwork and boost your efficiency.

Designed specifically for the crude oil hauling industry, Crude Oil Workflow automates time-consuming paperwork and integrates information in real time throughout your operation.

  • Workflow design configured for, and integrated with your software
  • Capture Signatures and print pickup and delivery tickets on the spot
  • Stay in touch by satellite in remote areas
  • Split tanks and calculate barrels automatically
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Filling Crude Oil Into Tanker

VUSION Analytics

Fully leverage your fleet's existing data for a clear picture of where you stand.

VUSION integrates GPS, fuel, ECM, and dispatch data, models it, and presents it in a meaningful way. As a result, fleet management gains a greater, more accurate understanding of their operations and activity costs, and is better prepared to answer difficult questions.

  • Automated Fuel Tax Reporting – Exceeds standard automated fuel tax reporting services by combining automated fuel imports with odometer normalization that matches GPS miles to odometers.
  • Predictive Analytics – VUSION uses proprietary statistical tools to measure how different variables—load, distance, idle rate, aerodynamics, vehicle age, driver behaviors and more—affect fuel economy.
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Vusion Fleet Reporting Screen Shot


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From locating and messaging to driver performance assessment to managing safety, compliance and maintenance costs, our robust fleet management applications are designed to maximize your ROI.



When it comes to your fleet, why put any limits on efficiency, safety, compliance or customer service? Working with PeopleNet, you can be 58.4% safer and more compliant while saving $5000 per truck on average.



At PeopleNet, there’s no end to better performance—and our comprehensive fleet management services are designed to help ensure continuous improvement of your trucking fleet operations at every level.