Fleet Safety Monitoring & Alerts

Keep your drivers safe.

Get safety information in real-time.

We’ll help your fleet prevent accidents, know what’s happening on the road, and take steps to keep everyone safe through our state-of-the-art applications like lane departure notifications, EventAlerter, speed monitoring, in-cab training, onboard event recording, radio frequency disable, and remote ignition interlock.

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Video Intelligence

Protection and Prevention.

With PeopleNet Video Intelligence, you’re not watching your drivers, you’re watching out for them on the road ahead. With our forward-facing camera, your back office can watch event-triggered footage coupled with real-time information to get a complete view of an incident to protect your drivers from blame and protect your bottom line. Our Video Intelligence Product is the only solution on the market that can be fully integrated with your fleet mobility system. You’ll be connected like never before.

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Safety Analytics

Protection and Prevention.

Managing the safety of your fleet has never been easier. PeopleNet’s Safety Analytics dashboard aggregates driver data from your entire fleet in one place, and breaks that data down into easy-to-understand and usable information – allowing you to highlight driving patterns in need of coaching. You can stay ahead of the safety curve and help prevent an incident before it occurs.

Fleet Safety Analytics Screen Shot

Onboard Event Recording

Manage driver performance and accident reconstruction.

With truck Onboard Event Recording, experience the power to proactively manage driver behavior, reconstruct accidents and transfer recorded event data in real-time. With the ability to access second-by-second recorded data, fleets can monitor driver habits, alter behavior, take corrective action, and potentially prevent accidents.

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Onboard Event Recording for Trucks

Event Alerter

Get critical safety alerts and details in real time.

When it comes to managing critical safety events – seconds matter. PeopleNet EventAlerter sends alerts of fleet incidents right when they happen — 24/7.

  • Can deliver real-time safety event notifications to the user’s iOS or Android mobile device.
  • Provides at-a-glance incident details so fleets can take appropriate, timely action.
  • Aggregates and synthesizes event data in a single, comprehensive alert—including when, where and how an event occurred and who was involved.


PeopleNet Event Alerter Screen

In-Cab Training

Train your drivers; Anywhere, Anytime..

Drivers receive detailed multimedia self-paced lessons all from the comfort of the cab anytime, anywhere – reducing time and operating costs while helping boost safety and compliance. Fleet managers can then track lesson progression online and run reports, giving your trainers time to breathe.


Pro-Tread In-Cab Training for Truckers

Speed Monitoring

Keeping your speed risks in check.

Speed Monitoring, in partnership with SpeedGauge®, is more than a way to monitor your truck drivers’ speed. It also:

  • Reduces speeding where it counts — on the road
  • Identifies high-risk drivers
  • Reports incidents by vehicle and driver
  • Generates group and truck fleet summaries
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Speed Monitoring Technology for Fleet Vehicles


Lane Departure Notifications

Preventing accidents and enhancing driver safety.

PeopleNet has partnered with multiple vendors to offer a system that addresses a major cause of highway fatalities: unintended truck lane changing due to drowsiness, fatigue, or distracted driving. Fleets using lane departure systems for over 1.3 billion combined miles have reported, on average, a 75% average decrease in truck lane departure accidents.

Lane Departure Notifications for Fleet Vehicles, Semis


Theft Prevention & Driver Safety

Protect your company's valued goods.

The Safekey system, a driver safety tool, assists transportation companies with deploying a zero-cargo-loss & driver safety strategy. We offer intelligent solutions for reducing liability and monitoring the well-being of your drivers and cargo, and can be customized to a fleet’s needs.

  • Respond real-time to back office alarms from out-of-cab, driver-initiated panic alerts
  • Ensure immediate support for safety and medical emergencies with 24/7 monitoring service
  • Track compromised vehicles using stealth install and independent GPS and communications
  • Prevent stolen vehicles from being started again

Safekey System for Truck Cargo

Radio Frequency Disable

Cut radio ties to keep everyone safe.

When it comes to energy services, rest assured that all radio frequency devices are turned off at sensitive perforation sites. With the single push of a button, drivers can shut off all radio frequency systems in their trucks to prevent potential accidents, while not losing data.

Truck Dashboard Dials


Fleet Tracker & Asset Tracker

Keep Track of Your Goods.

PeopleNet’s Fleet & Asset Trackers provide GPS visibility, event monitoring, and remote asset data on a near-global basis. Ideal for low volume messaging with mission critical data, they provides you with the most cost-effective solutions available for both fixed and mobile applications such as intermodal shipping containers, trailers, buoys, and barges.

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PeopleNet Fleet and Asset Tracker


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From locating and messaging to driver performance assessment to managing safety, compliance and maintenance costs, our robust fleet management applications are designed to maximize your ROI.



When it comes to your fleet, why put any limits on efficiency, safety, compliance or customer service? Working with PeopleNet, you can be 58.4% safer and more compliant while saving $5000 per truck on average.



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