Small fleet eld solution

When it comes to ELD mandate compliance, you get what you pay for. There are a lot of other discount services that collect your personal data, require you to use your own phone, serve you advertising, and otherwise take advantage of you. With PeopleNet and ISE, you just get trusted hardware and service delivered right to your door. It’s true compliance, without compromise.

Everything you need to never worry about the mandate again.

Get compliant and get on with your life. PeopleNet and ISE offer one of the most trusted compliance-only ELD solutions in the country. Your personal information will never be sold (unlike some other solutions) and you won’t ever be required to use your own device.

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Put compliance to work for you with extra benefits.

ConnectedFleet™ from PeopleNet gets you compliant with the mandate, plus lays the groundwork for customizable additional features that can streamline your business and profit margins. Even if you don’t need these features today, you’ll be ready to add them at any time in the future.

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