Electronic Logging Devices

ELD Compliance Solutions
Designed For Small Fleets – Just Like Yours

At PeopleNet, we understand that small fleets have specific needs when selecting a technology provider. That is why we are partnering with ISE to offer a simple, all-in-one ELD/DVIR solution. ISE is a Trimble company that has an extensive track record of providing fleets like yours with safety and compliance solutions.

Check out the slider below to find out more about who ISE is and what makes their eFleetSuite product an ideal fit for your fleet.

Ready for ELDs?



Video 1: Understanding the ELD Mandate:
Planning a Successful ELD Implementation

Video 2: Understanding the ELD Mandate:
Going Beyond the Minimum ELD Mandate Requirements

Video 3: Understanding the ELD Mandate:
PeopleNet's Self-Certified Device

Video 4: Introducing the ELD Mandate

Video 5: Minimum HOS Performance & Design Standards:
Technical standards

Video 6: Minimum HOS Performance & Design Standards:
Driver interaction

Video 7: Minimum HOS Performance & Design Standards:
Data transfer

Video 8: Mandatory Hours of Service
Record of Duty Status Requirements for Electronic Logging Devices

Video 9: Requirements Concerning Hours of Service Supporting Documents for Electronic Logging Devices

Video 10: Measures to Address Driver Harassment Resulting From The Mandatory Use of Electronic Logging Devices

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Insights on the ELD mandate