Driver to Office Fleet Communications

Communication is key.

Connect your driver to the office, and vice-versa.

Simplify your everyday fleet operations with more opportunities to send communications to and from the back office than ever before. With features like messaging, dispatch integration, load planning, in-cab scanning, billing, and driver assessments – you’ll wonder how you ever lived without our fully integrated platform.

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Stay in contact with your driver - whenever communication is needed.

Back and forth communication between you and your drivers is the cornerstone of your operation, and no one gives more reliable, flexible and affordable fleet dispatch to driver messaging options.

PeopleNet fleet dispatch to driver Messaging includes:

  • Free, unlimited messages between drivers and dispatchers.
  • Forms messages that automate dialogs regarding everyday work tools like load assignments, routing instructions or proof of delivery. New forms can be created and edited via a scripting engine located within the PeopleNet Fleet Manager.
  • Decision tree forms, which allow for simplified driver interaction by only asking drivers questions relative to the situation they are in and based upon prior questions.
  • Signature capture and bar code capabilities through handheld devices that allow for proof of delivery and pickup, inventory management and more.

Handheld Fleet Management Device



Share important files across your fleet.

myMedia gives fleets the ability to exchange documents, photos, videos and other multimedia files between drivers and back office personnel. Send multiple files at a time with the ability to target distribution to an entire fleet, specific individuals or a customized distribution list.

myMedia Screenshot

Dispatch Integration

Streamline workflow.

Drive back office and driver efficiency up and operations costs down.

  • Messaging promotes easier communication and shorter accounting cycle – drivers can skip the paperwork and key billing information into a custom form in the mobile communications device and send it to the back office before leaving their stop.
  • Geofencing automates & simplifies in-cab data entry – collect and report information and exception notifications about vehicle status and location, associating latitude and longitude with each stop throughout the route.
  • Engine and driver performance data integrated with a scorecard or dashboard system drives predictive analysis – managers can more easily determine a driver’s current and future driving behavior and identify opportunities for increasing ROI by analyzing MPG.

Fleet dispatch interface


Load Planning

Plan Ahead - Electronically

Centralized electronic driver log information ensures planning accuracy and Hours Of Service compliance – our integration of electronic driver log data with the transportation management system provides dispatchers and load planners the information they need without having to reference multiple systems.

fleet load planning

In-Cab Scanning

Faster billing cycles and greater ROI

Thanks to truck In-Cab Scanning, your fleet can have a fully integrated solution to increase billing and payroll efficiency and reduce out-of-route miles. Replacing manual forms with high quality scanned images from an in-cab scanner not only improves data integrity but also eliminates manual sorting and filing of bills of lading, delivery and receipts. It all adds up to faster billing cycles since carriers can show proof of delivery instantly—and increased revenue, improved customer service and greater ROI.

In Cab Scanner


Bill your customers in real time

PeopleNet’s messaging integration promotes easier communication and a shorter accounting cycle – drivers can skip the paperwork and key billing information into a custom form in the mobile communications device and send it to the back office before leaving their stop.

Real-Time Billing Interface for Trucks

Trailer Tracking

Your product is in the trailer - know where it is, always.

Increase efficiency with Tethered Trailer Tracking through PeopleNet. You can reduce your costs associated with “lost trailers” – including the out of route miles you waste looking for them, driver costs, and increase your revenue-generating activities when you know where your goods are. We leverage your multi-bus adapter cable to gather the trailer ID and odometer, where both drivers and fleet managers can review with drop/hook reports.

Tethered Trailer Tracking for Commercial Fleets

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From locating and messaging to driver performance assessment to managing safety, compliance and maintenance costs, our robust fleet management applications are designed to maximize your ROI.



When it comes to your fleet, why put any limits on efficiency, safety, compliance or customer service? Working with PeopleNet, you can be 58.4% safer and more compliant while saving $5000 per truck on average.



At PeopleNet, there’s no end to better performance—and our comprehensive fleet management services are designed to help ensure continuous improvement of your trucking fleet operations at every level.