PeopleNet Welcomes Five Employees to CTP Class of 2017 Graduates

Last week, new Certified Transportation Professionals (CTP) graduated in front of family, friends, and other members of the professional fleet management community at the National Private Truck Council (NPTC) annual conference. Of those, we are proud to say that five are PeopleNet employees:

  • Tony Elliot 
  • Rob Hart
  • Joel Jorgenson
  • Perry Nix 
  • Alicia Petersen
  • Chris Petersen

The CTP program, founded in 1993, was designed to create a certification credential that would be widely recognized across the entire fleet management industry. Since the introduction of the program, over 1,500 individuals have made the commitment to professional growth in their field by becoming a CTP. In total, PeopleNet employs 46 CTPs.

The CTP qualification is earned by course participants accruing certification points through a combination of five years of fleet/transportation supervisory, management, or supplier experience and either continuing education in transportation management or on-the-job experience. Once the points have been earned, students take a final exam to test their knowledge. The curriculum of the program focuses on five different sections, including:

  • finance,
  • safety,
  • human resources/legal,
  • equipment/maintenance, and
  • operations.

The combination of these five areas of study ensures that by the end of the course the graduates thoroughly understand the complex and ever-changing operational and regulatory standards within the field, are able to make smart decisions regarding potential costs and savings and are comfortable developing new procedures that meet the goals of the fleet. To retain their certification, individuals must recertify every three years.  

“The CTP certification prepared me to be constantly ahead of the curve as policies and practices evolve,” said program alum and PeopleNet employee, Alicia Jarosh, Vice President of Customer Experience. “The industry is always growing and because of the course I feel confident in my ability to keep up with the new developments and apply them in my day-to-day work with fleets.”

Additionally, the certification is now widely recognized as a desirable qualification for new employees or current employees seeking promotion within the field.

Congratulations to the PeopleNet CTP class of 2017! For more information on the CTP program, visit:

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