PeopleNet Unveils New User Interface and Integrated Analytics through ConnectedFleet Platform

New tools to offer fleets customizable reporting, analytics and business insights in a single location

NASHVILLE AND MINNEAPOLIS, September 26, 2016 — PeopleNet® (, a Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) Company and leading provider of fleet mobility technology, today announced the launch of ConnectedFleet™  Central, a user interface that combines all of PeopleNet’s reporting, business intelligence and analytics solutions in a single web portal.

Currently available to fleets using the ConnectedFleet Platform, ConnectedFleet Central creates a unified user experience by packaging data from PeopleNet’s entire suite of products. As part of this experience, fleets will now have access to a sophisticated and advanced analytics engine called Central Intelligence. Whether a fleet is using vehicle health monitoring or safety and compliance solutions, Central Intelligence aggregates data from each application and provides self-discovery tools, dashboards and reports that give fleets an interactive and complete view of operations.

“These new tools within the ConnectedFleet Platform will allow fleets to reimagine the use of their fleet data,” said Eric Witty, Director of Product Management at PeopleNet. “Instead of gathering data from different applications, everything needed to assess the effectiveness of a fleet and make better business decisions is now available in a single location.”

The Central Intelligence portal allows fleets to:

  • Use a single sign-on to access data and analytics from the entire suite of PeopleNet products.
  • Leverage interactive dashboards and exception-based tools for customizable reports that provide better discoverability of fleet trends.
  • Find and reward drivers that are achieving success.
  • Easily configure tools to visualize fleet problems and solutions.

ConnectedFleet is the first platform to forge a comprehensive fleet mobility solution that integrates pure Software as a Service (SaaS) and mobile technologies with real-time predictive analytics. With the ConnectedFleet Platform, fleets can subscribe to specific data based on their needs and receive it as it is published in near real-time through the ConnectedFleet Central interface.

PeopleNet ConnectedFleet Central and Central Intelligence were introduced at the 2016 in.sight User Conference // Expo in Nashville, jointly hosted by PeopleNet and TMW Systems.

About PeopleNet

PeopleNet provides solutions to help fleets improve safety and compliance and reduce costs. PeopleNet’s network communications, mobility and analytics products are used by more than 2,000 truckload, LTL, private, and energy services fleets throughout North America. PeopleNet was established in 1994 and is headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, with an office in Ontario, Canada. PeopleNet is a Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) Company and part of its international Transportation and Logistics Division. To learn more about PeopleNet and its products, visit or call (888) 346-3486.

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