PeopleNet President Brian McLaughlin Explains FMCSA Electronic Logging Device Mandate


March 20, 2014

Dear PeopleNet Customers,

As you have probably heard, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced last week a Supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking pertaining to Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs).

Here are some highlights of the proposed mandate:

  • You will have 4 years to comply with the new regulation. If you have an existing (AOBRD compliant) onboard system, you will have four years to comply with the new regulations; those without systems will have two years to comply. This is particularly noteworthy since our system is far more than an HOS compliance solution.
  • Vehicle synchronization and vehicle location continues to be required to automatically capture engine power status, vehicle motion status, miles driven, engine hours; the regulation requires an automated entry at each change of duty status, at 60-minute intervals while the vehicle is in motion, at engine-on and engine-off instances, and at the beginning and end of personal use and yard moves.
  • Data transfer at roadside can be accomplished via a combination of wireless transfer, grid/graph on an in-cab display OR via a printer (you will not be required to add a printer); the proposal does not offer a standard presentation format on the screen but it does define data elements that will be required along with a grid graph visual for law enforcement review. We will continue to work with law enforcement to update and train officials, ensuring wide acceptance of your systems.
  • Driver harassment is addressed, which precludes sending a message to a driver who is in a sleeper berth status and reduces the granularity of location when a driver is off duty.
  • Certification of compliance with the new rules will be self-administered by the ELD provider. The FMCSA will be offering various test parameters for use to determine compliance and will facilitate a registry for companies such as PeopleNet to sign up with.
  • Extensive new definitions for data security and tamper-proofing of ELD systems are also defined within the rule. We feel confident we can add these through software update means.


We are continuing to work with the FMSCA to be sure we provide you with a trusted electronic log solution and that you can maximize your investment in your existing technology. I personally serve as vice chair of the TMC Task Force focused on EOBRs, and PeopleNet joins many other industry suppliers as a member of the Trucking Alliance. Partnering with these organizations will help ensure the final mandate addresses your needs and meets the requirements of the FMCSA.

Stay tuned for updates as we have more details to share.


Brian McLaughlin
President, PeopleNet

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