PeopleNet Joins Tech Leaders in Discussing Future of Transportation

MHTA Panel

While no one has a crystal ball, a crucial part of future-proofing your organization is understanding the rapid technological innovation happening in all industries, including transportation. By better anticipating what is next, you can use this evolution to help your fleet meet new levels of safety and efficiency.

This was the main theme of this week’s tech.2018 conference, a gathering of Minnesota-based technology leaders who discussed the wide-ranging impacts of new technology and how they are changing the world around us.

PeopleNet took part in an engaging panel discussion on the topic of logistics and how technology is improving visibility and communication throughout the supply chain. Jim Lowell, PeopleNet Vice President of Product Development, shared his thoughts on how technology can affect various parts of a fleet’s operation.

“Technology not only impacts fuel savings and delivery times but also helps fleets retain drivers and improve their quality of life,” said Lowell.

In addition, Lowell detailed how technology advances have allowed drivers more mobility in and out of the cab and also changed the types of devices fleets and their drivers are looking for.

“With the proliferation of smart phones, there is an increasing demand from fleets to be able to use consumer-grade devices,” said Lowell. “This changes how we develop new products, to ensure that we support a solution that is not only mobile friendly but consumer mobile friendly.”

The tech.2018 conference was hosted by the Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) and featured speakers from a wide range of technology companies, as well as a keynote from futurist Jack Uldrich on hot tech topics, including autonomous vehicles, robotics and virtual reality.

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