OEM Factory-Fit

Eliminate the Installation Kit.

Save time and money in the process.

A standardized, high-quality system installation in a new, pre-wired or pre-installed truck saves installation downtime and cost. Using our manufacturing partners, you’ll be able to remotely view truck diagnostics in real-time. In a pre-wired truck, your fleet only needs to mount the PeopleNet onboard computer and display, and your trucks will be well on their way to increasing safety and compliance, reducing operating cost, and improving customer service.

Equipment Install

PeopleNet Mobile Gateway Comes Standard.

The PeopleNet Mobile Gateway now comes standard on all Peterbilt & Kenworth, Class 8 trucks. You only need to add a PeopleNet in-cab display to utilize all the great features this device has to offer including remote diagnostics and PeopleNet Fleet Management solutions.

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Factory-Fit Vehicle Health Monitoring

PeopleNet's Fleet Health Partners

Kenworth TruckTech+

Real-time Vehicle Health from your engine to your Kenworth Truck

All Kenworth Class 8 trucks come equipped with Kenworth TruckTech+ powered by PeopleNet’s integrated vehicle health monitoring system. This system includes the PeopleNet Mobile Gateway, managed network, cloud services and an online portal with real-time vehicle health information for fleets and dealers, along with analytics for Kenworth engineers.

In your PACCAR Dashboard, you’ll be able to:

  • See real-time, at-a-glance Fleet Health
  • Maximize your uptime
  • Stay on schedule
  • Manage service events
  • Receive PACCAR Portal and email alerts



Paccar Solutions Kenworth Dashboard

Peterbilt Smartlinq

Real-time Vehicle Health from your engine to your Peterbilt Truck

Peterbilt’s SmartLINQ provides automatic notification of vehicle health issues based on severity and recommends appropriate actions that can help prevent a roadside service event. SmartLINQ includes the PeopleNet Mobile Gateway™ that provides real-time information to a web-based portal for an at-a-glance overview of fleet health, including any possible service issues that may need attention. Additionally, customers can choose to have the system communicate with one or more Peterbilt dealerships to create an action plan should a vehicle need quick attention.

In your PACCAR Dashboard, you’ll be able to:

  • See real-time, at-a-glance Fleet Health
  • Maximize your uptime
  • Stay on schedule
  • Manage service events
  • Receive PACCAR Portal and email alerts



Paccar Solutions SmartLinq Dashboard


New Tractors Pre-Wired for the PeopleNet System Include:


The PeopleNet Main Cable is connected directly to the vehicle’s power system using dedicated circuits, which eliminates standard fuse holders. The Main Cable connector is typically available under the bunk (sleepers) or at the back wall (day cabs), allowing the installer to easily connect the PeopleNet system.


The GPS & Cellular Antennas are fully assembled and mounted on the vehicle, a convenience that is exclusively available from PeopleNet.

Engine Diagnostic & Fault Code Access

There is a direct connection into the vehicle’s J1708/1939 bus which enables comprehensive vehicle data collection through the PeopleNet Vehicle Management application. Vehicle Management allows access to vehicle data, enhanced reporting, scorecards and dashboards, PTO data collection and easier integration with third-party systems.

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New Cascadia, Classic Cascadia, M2, 108SD, 114SD, 122SD

Navistar (International)

DuraStar, LoneStar, PayStar, ProStar, Terrastar, TranStar, WorkStar, 9900i


All Class 8 Model Trucks – C500, T-680, T-880, T660, T800, W900


All MackForce Trucks – Pinnacle, Titan, Granite


All Class 8 Model Trucks – 365, 367, 384, 386, 389, 567, 579, 587


All VN Series

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From locating and messaging to driver performance assessment to managing safety, compliance and maintenance costs, our robust fleet management applications are designed to maximize your ROI.



When it comes to your fleet, why put any limits on efficiency, safety, compliance or customer service? Working with PeopleNet, you can be 58.4% safer and more compliant while saving $5000 per truck on average.



At PeopleNet, there’s no end to better performance—and our comprehensive fleet management services are designed to help ensure continuous improvement of your trucking fleet operations at every level.