New Survey Shows Weigh Station Bypass Programs Improve Driver Retention

The American Trucking Associations estimate that the trucking industry faces a growing driver shortage: 35,000-40,000 more drivers are needed to meet demand nationally. Turnover is also a big issue, with driver churn estimated at 90 percent.

With this deficit, it is crucial for companies to recruit and retain drivers – and a big part of this effort is to give them the tools and technology to do their jobs safely and more efficiently.

One of these tools is a weigh station bypass program, which allows trucks to bypass some weigh stations based on their carrier records or other information checks set by state enforcement agencies.

new survey by Drivewyze, PeopleNet’s preferred provider of weigh station bypass technology, asked 600 drivers what kind of programs are important when looking for, or staying on at a job. The results were staggering: respondents said they were three times as likely to join a company that provides weigh station bypass. Likewise, 65 percent said they would be more likely to stay at a job that provided this program.

When compared to other benefits, a company-paid bypass service ranked higher than other incentives like fuel discounts, sign-on bonuses or internet access. Those surveyed estimated a bypass service would save them roughly $2,000 annually in time and fuel costs.

Yet, almost half of respondents have never worked for a company that offered weigh station bypass. If this survey is any indication, more companies will need to look to programs like these in order to attract and keep top drivers.

Weigh station bypass is just one service that can make drivers happier and more efficient. PeopleNet is committed to helping drivers do their jobs and to improve overall fleet performance. Click here to learn more about Drivewyze and other PeopleNet Fleet Compliance Solutions to start saving time and money today.

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