New PeopleNet Whitepaper Highlights Cybersecurity Best Practices for Fleets

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made life easier for consumers and businesses alike, from smart TVs and programmable thermostats to wearables and autonomous vehicles. While these devices are helping to streamline efficiencies, they are also raising concerns about cybersecurity. A 2016 AT&T report revealed that the number of attackers scanning for security vulnerabilities in IoT items has increased by 3,198 percent in the last three years.

The importance of cybersecurity is not lost on the transportation industry, which increasingly relies on smart sensors, in-cab displays and other technology in their trucks. With nearly $4 billion worth of freight moved each day, it is crucial for fleets and shippers to ensure their data and devices are secure.

PeopleNet has highlighted somecybersecurity best practices in its latest whitepaper, “Connected Truck Security: Slamming the Door on Hackers.” This guide discusses ways fleets can keep their information safe, as well as details how PeopleNet is helping to lead the way in promoting cybersecurity in the fleet mobility industry.

Download your free copy of this whitepaper today and learn how to choose technology with security in mind.

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