Going Beyond the ELD Mandate’s Minimum Requirements

Since the publication of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate last December, fleets are looking for the right technology to make them compliant with the final rule.

Is your fleet in this category? When selecting an ELD solution, you should consider choosing a more comprehensive technology platform like a Fleet Management System, or an FMS.

Do you want help locating your trucks? How about providing drivers with GPS Navigation? What about reducing fuel costs and out-of-route miles? In addition to meeting the Mandate’s minimum requirements, an FMS will also provide a wide range of solutions to improve safety, advance operational efficiencies and positively impact your bottom line.

Watch our video blog featuring Elise Chianelli, Director of Safety & Compliance, to learn more about why fleets should consider adding an FMS instead of just a basic ELD.

Interested in finding out more about the ELD Mandate? Be sure to check out our ELD Resource Page in the coming weeks to view additional videos on some of the biggest topics surrounding ELDs.

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