Cummins “Redefining” Tour Showcasing Innovations

One of PeopleNet’s valued partners, Cummins, embarked on a North American tour this week. Entitled “The Redefining Tour,” Cummins intends to showcase its trucking technology innovations in 34 cities. From the engines they’re known for to their Connected Diagnostics software, “The Redefining Tour” puts a spotlight on all of Cummins’ cutting edge offerings.

Redefining tour

PeopleNet recently announced our collaboration with Cummins via integration with their Connected Diagnostics. Connected Diagnostics provides users with up-to-the-minute information about the health of their vehicle with Cummins’ sensor technology. If a fault code is triggered, PeopleNet software seamlessly interprets that data and alerts the driver about the issue. The combined effort of PeopleNet and Cummins affords drivers the opportunity to avoid confusion when it comes to diagnostics — we strive to put the customer in control by giving them specific, prioritized information on problems under the hood.

As Cummins tours their products around the country and elsewhere, the transportation industry steps closer toward integrated telematics. Our collaboration and their dedication to innovation fosters a spirit of progress that can only help your fleet operate at its maximum efficiency.

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