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PACCAR chose PeopleNet as the exclusive provider for their factory-fit remote diagnostics solution.  As a dealer representative for Kenworth or Peterbilt, your trucks have the ConnectedAdvantage of PeopleNet’s Mobile Gateway, giving fleet customers the ConnectedAdvantage of custom tailored fleet management solutions at their fingertips.

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Next Level Intelligence: Factory Installed

PeopleNet’s Mobile Gateway, which enables the ConnectedAdvantage, comes factory-fit in all new Kenworth and Peterbilt Trucks. This component gives fleets access to PeopleNet’s best-in-class fleet management solutions – allowing drivers, equipment and fleet managers to stay connected to the information they need when they need it.  Less installation time. Lower installation costs. All they need to do is choose a display, tablet or mobile device and contact PeopleNet to activate Fleet Management services.

PeopleNet ConnectedAdvantage Tablet and Mobile Gateway

The ConnectedAdvantage:

What Fleets Need

From the instant a Kenworth or Peterbilt truck hits their lot, fleets have immediate access to a true ConnectedAdvantage.

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From accident protection and prevention to real-time diagnostic and weather information, the ConnectedAdvantage brings safety to the forefront like never before.

It’s no secret that the ELD Mandate is here. Trucks with the ConnectedAdvantage aren’t just compliant; they actually use the mandate to their benefit.

With the ConnectedAdvantage, fleet managers will now have constant access and communication to every single part of the fleet, allowing for performance improvement opportunities almost immediately.

The ConnectedAdvantage:

What Fleets Want

It’s not hard to figure out what fleet customers want: Convenience, confidence, and a return on their investment. The ConnectedAdvantage from PeopleNet provides all three.

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Return On Investment

PeopleNet’s products and services are used by more than 2,000 fleets across North America, including many Fortune 500 companies. Fleets can rest assured with the ConnectedAdvantage – they’ve got a nationally recognized and respected partner they can rely on no matter what.

Turnkey solutions from the moment they get the keys. The benefits of the ConnectedAdvantage are ready to go instantaneously.

While the short-term financial advantages will take effect today, we’ve always got our eyes on tomorrow. This means a customer’s fleet management system will constantly be evolving – continuously finding new ways to produce savings and efficiencies.

The ConnectedAdvantage:

How Fleets Benefit

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The proof is in the products. Here are just a few of the ConnectedAdvantage solutions your customers can put to work for their fleet.

Electronic Driver Logs

The ConnectedAdvantage works seamlessly when it comes to ELD compliance, utilizing our exclusive eDriver Logs® system. It streamlines hours of service reporting – saving fleets precious time and money.

Driver Mobility

Wherever the driver, ConnectedAdvantage empowers true freedom and mobility. From apps to security to network access – PeopleNet offers the only truly comprehensive managed mobility service for fleets today.

Navigation & Routing

ConnectedAdvantage’s in-cab navigation system is best-in-class, increasing profits through fuel savings and streamlined delivery times. And with real-time traffic and weather updates, drivers can stay safe and moving.

Video Intelligence

The only technology in the marketplace with integrated video intelligence, ConnectedAdvantage actually links video footage (from 270 degrees around the truck) with real-time diagnostic and location information. So in the case of an incident, they’ve got the whole story.

But don’t take it from us. Learn how other fleets have leveraged PeopleNet’s innovative solutions – and see for yourself the ways PeopleNet can help your customers get the ConnectedAdvantage of tomorrow’s fleet:

Case Studies

The ConnectedAdvantage for You

The partnership between PeopleNet and PACCAR is an extremely valuable one. It’s best-in-class technology meets best-in-class engineering. And when it comes to making a sale, that’s a pretty compelling story to tell.

But the advantages to you don’t end there. With the ConnectedAdvantage from PeopleNet built right into your trucks, you get:

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Access to an extensive team of highly trained fleet management technology experts to help determine the best solutions for your customers.

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Convenience and reassurance that you’re partnered with a telematics provider that’s a trusted name in the industry.

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Eliminating the need for an aftermarket telematics installation – saving your customers time and money.

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Customizable fleet management solutions for your customers that deliver a competitive advantage.

Who is PeopleNet?

PeopleNet’s best-in-class fleet management solutions complement Kenworth and Peterbilt’s best-in-class trucks.

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