Coastal Pacific Xpress Making Drivers’ Lives Better with PeopleNet Canada Technology

BURLINGTON, Ontario, March 17, 2014—PeopleNet® Canada (, a Trimble® company and leading provider of fleet mobility technology that optimizes performance and decision-making, today announced that Coastal Pacific Xpress (CPx) is making drivers lives better with PeopleNet technology. According to Michael Demers, director of compliance for British Columbia’s largest temperature-controlled carrier serving customers throughout North America, eDriver Logs has been an extremely valuable timesaver for drivers as well as a critical tool for safety and compliance. “When our drivers began using eDriver Logs®, they didn’t realize how life-changing it would turn out to be for them. They were free from spending time working on paper logs,” he said. “But today the new rules (30-hour rest and 168-hour reset) make HOS (hours of service) recordkeeping much more complicated and virtually impossible to manually calculate without errors. Without electronic logs, load planning would be more difficult for dispatchers and our compliance and safety efforts would suffer. Instead, when a dispatcher wants to know about a driver’s availability, it takes about 30 seconds to come up with an answer you know is right.”

Demers credits PeopleNet’s foresight for creating a seamless transition on day one when the new U.S. Department of Transportation rules went into effect last July. “They (PeopleNet) proactively rewrote eDriver Logs code and were running both systems in parallel, so they were able to turn on a dime. They were extremely helpful in consulting with the Canadian Trucking Association and closely monitoring the initiative at the U.S. Capitol.”

Conserving Fuel and Maintenance Costs

CPx foots the bill for PeopleNet in their owner-operated vehicles as well as company-owned vehicles. “The data is valuable for creating an environment that enables all drivers to succeed, especially considering margins are a slim 1-2 percent,” Demers explained. “Owner-operators can have an impact on fuel costs. “PeopleNet engine data about over speed, over RPMs, and idle time highlights areas that can improve MPG (miles per gallon). Once we started using the available data, we improved our fleet MPG by 17 percent in six months. Moving the needle from 5.7 MPG to 5.8 is a big deal, and those who watch fuel efficiency like a hawk rely on our monthly MPG reports. Attention to these factors and shifting can also help with maintenance costs. PeopleNet accommodates driving teams by providing data for each driver.”

CPx also maintains a solid safety record with PeopleNet’s built-in alerts for speeding and hardbraking. “We’re keeping accidents, rollovers, and collisions due to driver fatigue in check,” said Demers. “Onboard event recorder data helps reconstruct accident situations, so we can get a true picture. We have come to rely on PeopleNet and glad we have such a reliable technology partner.”

About Coastal Pacific Xpress

CPx is a leading Western Canadian trucking company with more than 350 trucks and 750-plus trailers. The Surrey, British Columbia-based firm provides truckload and less-than-truckload services throughout many areas of Western Canada and North America, particularly along the American I-5 corridor. It also provides temperature-controlled warehouse and distribution to augment over-the-road services. CPx rounds out its services with local cartage and drayage, logistics and flatdeck and intermodal.

About PeopleNet

PeopleNet Canada, part of PeopleNet, provides fleet mobility technology for North America’s land transportation industry that enables greater levels of safety, compliance, cost reduction and customer service. The company’s Precision Mobility Platform combines network communications, mobility and analytics to create the next-generation standard in technology-driven fleet performance and decision-making management. Its products are used by more than 1,750 truckload, LTL, private, and energy services fleets in the United States and Canada, including several Fortune 500 companies. The company aggressively develops new products that continue to improve fleet management. Industry recognition of the company’s leadership includes: Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award, Inbound Logistics Top 100 Award; Food Logistics’ 100 Top Technology Solutions and Service Providers; Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering Award; and M2M Value Chain Award. PeopleNet is a Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) Company and part of its international Transportation and Logistics Division. PeopleNet was named as a key factor in Trimble’s top ranking by ABI Research’s 2013 Commercial Fleet Telematics Competitive Assessment. For more information about PeopleNet and its products, call (888) 346-3486, or visit

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