Centurion Auto Logistics Enhances Driver Workflow and Customer Service with PeopleNet Solutions

Car dealerships depend on reliable delivery timeframes from auto haulers in order to guarantee inventory for their customers. Therefore, auto haulers must offer excellent customer service and stay on the cutting edge of technology to provide a high-quality and dependable experience.

No one knows this better than Centurion Auto Logistics. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Centurion has earned a stellar reputation over the past 44 years as a trusted auto hauler for high-end vehicles in the southeastern U.S.

Being able to communicate real-time delivery estimates and updates quickly and accurately is of the utmost importance for Centurion. That’s where PeopleNet stepped in as a long-term partner to address these concerns with eDriver Logs® and a customized Auto Hauler app.

Centurion got started with eDriver Logs in 2012, which is when Training & Compliance Manager Claudia Land says, “the technology bug hit us fast and hard.” Switching from a manual check-in call process with drivers twice per day, to a location tracking system that updates automatically every 15 minutes, was a game-changer for the fleet of over 175 units.

After Centurion successfully rolled out eDriver Logs, the fleet worked with PeopleNet to develop a custom Auto Hauler workflow app that could provide electronic proof of delivery receipts. The app was designed to aid drivers through the process by prompting them through various screens to gather information while they are at a stopped location, and allows them to scan the vehicles as they’re loaded.

“Before the Auto Hauler app, customers would have to wait 24 hours before they knew when the vehicle had shipped, so this helps the supply chain move faster,” Land says.

Check out the full case study to find out how Centurion uses PeopleNet technology and how it has resulted in tangible improvements to the safety and efficiency of their fleet.

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