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  1. PeopleNet Highlights Cybersecurity at Inaugural CyberTruck Challenge

    Mobile cybersecurity is a top priority for both carriers and telematics manufacturers, and PeopleNet is taking a prominent role in leading the industry and developing solutions to proactively address and eliminate the risk of this emerging threat to connected fleets. In addition to serving on the National Motor Freight Truck Association’s heavy-vehicle cybersecurity team, we recently […]

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  2. Explaining The Interaction of ELDs and The 100 Air-Mile Radius Exception

    By Dave Osiecki, Pres., Scopelitis Transportation Consulting and Consultant to PeopleNet If you’ve spent time in or around the trucking industry, you know that many professional drivers operate under the longstanding “100 air-mile radius exception.”  This regulatory ‘short haul’ exception has been on the books for decades and is fairly straightforward—drivers operating within 100 air miles […]

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  3. Will Congress Delay the ELD Compliance Date?

    By Dave Osiecki, President of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting LLC and ELD Consultant to PeopleNet Last week, some Members of Congress questioned whether the ELD compliance date of December 18, 2017, should be delayed.  Beyond asking that question, some of those Members of Congress took action toward that end.  Their action was a first step in […]

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  4. For IFTA and IRP Compliance, Not All ELDs are Created Equal

    The impending ELD mandate promises to make manual fuel tax compliance a thing of the past. But before fleets select an ELD solution, it’s critical they know exactly what they’re getting. With the mandate looming, dozens of new, unknown service providers are jumping into the market. However, many of these solutions simply don’t measure up, […]

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  5. Personal Conveyance & ELDs – How Does It Work Under the ELD Rules?

    Professional truck drivers operating their trucks (unladen) for personal reasons while on-the-road, and off-the-clock, is nothing new.  In fact, personal use (also called  “personal conveyance” or PC by government regulators) has been a common and accepted industry practice for many years. As a result, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) included and accommodated this […]

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