Vehicle Management. Get behind the wheel of driver and carrier fleet vehicle performance.

Increase fuel economy and manage drivers with carrier fleet Vehicle Management, a real-time driver and vehicle performance evaluation tool. It monitors your vehicles' engines (ECM connectivity) to help you better manage operating costs and run your fleet more effectively. Carrier fleet Vehicle Management monitors a vehicle's performance by communicating with the engine's data bus. This information is delivered to you via real-time alarms or scheduled data downloads; you'll know how your trucks are performing on the road from speed, RPM, distance, PTO usage, fuel efficiency and idle time.

PeopleNet Vehicle Management lets you:

  • Improve vehicle fuel efficiency by helping you reduce idle times, increase miles/kilometers per gallon and decrease over
  • RPM and speeding
  • Instantly identify when a vehicle is speeding or if it starts or stops suddenly. You're then notified of the truck's exact location
  • See engine performance data as it occurs. You don't have to wait until the vehicle returns to your facility to retrieve its diagnostic data
  • Set an odometer alarm to schedule vehicle maintenance
  • Customize the reports, so you develop critical performance baselines relevant to your carrier fleet
  • Compare drivers across key measurements such as KPL, idle times, or other
  • Receive critical ECM data without worrying about character counting or data restriction; all data is delivered with every breadcrumb update at no charge.
  • Availability: PeopleNet TABLET, PeopleNet BLU.2 In-Cab PC, PeopleNet Driver Terminal 


With the Multi-bus Adapter you can also:

  • Gain access to new vehicle data using a single integration approach which intelligently scans the vehicle to determine what data sources are available (J1708/J1939/CAN)
  • Connect directly to a PTO switch, allowing you to have 100 percent accuracy in PTO data
  • Integrate easily with vehicle applications such as stability control systems, lane departure warning, onboard cameras, and tire pressure monitoring