Tire Pressure Monitoring. Achieve greater MPG and lower maintenance costs.

The Department of Transportation estimates that 37% of all tires on American roadways are under inflated. That wastes over 2 billion gallons of fuel a year—and results in 40,000 preventable accidents.

Now you can remotely monitor the tire pressure on every truck—and optimize vehicle performance efficiency across your entire fleet. The PeopleNet BLU.2 and PeopleNet TABLET can come equipped with a wireless, electronic, remote truck tire pressure monitoring system that's designed to monitor and display tire pressures—on demand, whether moving or stationary.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Remote truck Tire Pressure Monitoring in partnership with PressurePro, Stemco, Bendix, Doran and Valor helps you:

  • Save fuel: Helps avoid excessive fuel consumption caused by under inflation.
  • Increase tire life: Proper monitoring helps you avoid excessive tire wear and casing damage.
  • Improve safety: Alerts you to low tire pressure problems before critical damage occurs.
  • Improves stability, handling, braking and performance: Digital pressure readings help drivers maintain optimal pressure levels at all times—decreasing needed braking distance and improving handling, stability and performance.
  • Promotes "green" driving: Proper monitoring helps drivers reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions and decrease tire waste.


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