Open. Multi-network. Smart.

The PeopleNet Onboard Computer gives you near-limitless versatility to match your most important fleet productivity challenges. Bandwidth, processor, memory, peripheral and integration constraints are no longer a concern with PeopleNet's truck onboard computer.

With the truck Onboard Computer, you get:

  • Mobile communications, onboard computing and fleet management in one powerful platform
  • Multi-network with nearly 100 wireless carriers utilized across digital and analog channels to provide the highest levels of coverage, bandwidth and cost effectiveness
  • Up to 500x the bandwidth of first-generation satellite devices
  • Unlimited hardware connectivity with USB support
  • Pinpoint GPS accuracy enabled through WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) technology
  • Open development platform for rapid and custom development of new applications
  • Easy connection to vehicle diagnostics system including J1708, J1939, CAN, and OBDII
  • Fault Code information collection and reporting