PeopleNet Introduces Upgrade To Electronic Logging System

ORLANDO - March 12, 2006 -PeopleNet, the leading provider of onboard computing and mobile communications systems to the nation's transportation industry, announced today a new upgrade to its eDriver Logs® automated driver logging tool today at the Annual Meeting of the Truckload Carriers Association.

"We have listened to what our customers want and developed new and exciting applications that meet those needs," says Ron Konezny, Chief Operating Officer of PeopleNet. "We are always looking to improve the functionality of our systems and these three new offerings continue our commitment to offer our diverse customer base leading-edge applications."

In a move that will increase the efficiency and accuracy for the driver, dispatcher, administrator, and the safety manager, PeopleNet has added functionality that gives drivers the ability to better account for time spent outside the truck, for instance to account for training activities or working in a warehouse or a dock.

The new feature provides a stand-alone, Internet-based driver login/out portal that allows the driver to access his or her logs and receive an exact representation of his or her duty status, including vehicle time and dock time. To update duty status, the driver simply enters the company number, driver identification number and password.

By limiting the duty status options to on-duty or off-duty, PeopleNet ensures that the driver cannot amend logbooks in current time.

"This new feature provides a consistent process for time clock reporting for entire organization," says Konezny. "But more importantly, for the driver it reduces the administration time they have traditionally spent altering eDriver Logs records when they climbed out of their vehicle to attend training sessions or to work in the dock."

The feature will automatically update existing g3 PeopleNet platforms using the company's proprietary Over-the-Air-ProgrammingTM (OTAP) feature later this year.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, PeopleNet is the fastest-growing provider of Internet-based onboard computing and mobile communications systems to the transportation industry, including truckload, LTL, private, and service fleets. The company serves several Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and Canada and has signed more than 1,200 customers since our inception 11 years ago.

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